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Leisure Time

By chastine Jan 09, 2011 526 Words
Leisure Time

Do you like to spend time with your family? Having time to do things with your family is very valuable, because these are the moments you will cherish forever. The world is a busy place with work, school and everything in between that, that why leisure time is nice. Leisure time is very important to a person well being; in my leisure time I like to lay with my brothers and sisters, go shopping, or shoot some hoops.

I like to play with my brothers and sisters because it’s fun. For example, we go swimming in our huge pool. Also, we take bubble soap and have a huge bubble bath in the pool. We also, will go ride our bikes through the neighbor hood with our water guns and get each other wet. I also like to hang out with them so I can bond with them. For example, every night I will read them a bed time story after for an every one eats. Also, on the weekends every morning we watch cartoons and eat cereal n hour. All these things some up why I like to spend time with my brother and sister.

I also like to go shopping because; I love to see all the new fashions and hottest trends. For example, when skinny jeans were first in style I fell in love with them because, they were so different and not a lot of people had them. Also, when plaid started to be in I thought it was kind of tacky but the style grew on me. I also like shopping because I get new stuff. For example, if I go to the store with my mom I always get new clothes. Or if I tell my mom I need some new shoes she will just give me money to get shoes on my own. Shopping is so fun because the rush that you get, when the people swipe your card and everything in the bag is all yours I love that feeling.

The final thing I like to do in my leisure is play basketball. I like to play basketball because it is fun. For example, when you are playing a game with your friends; and you make a basket it is so much fun to brag about it after. Also when you are running down the court and you shoot an awesome shoot from the three point line it feels good. Another reason, I like to play it is because you can get in shape. For example, when you are running up and down a court you get a good workout. Also when you have practice your coaches make you run a lot. This is why I love to play basketball.

As you can tell leisure time is very important to me. It can also be important to other people because, it is fun in life when you get to things you like not things you have to for once. Doing things is also very important for a person emotional and physical being in life. So what do you like to do in your leisure time?

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