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Question: Identify and briefly describe the most popular sport in your country. Then explain why this sport has become the most popular sport in your country. Support your ideas with evidence as well as personal examples and/or experiences. (41)

In china, people always play a card game together when they have free time. This game is traditional, historical and wide distribution called Mahjong. Also, the history of Mahjong could be traced back to three thousands and five hundred years ago, and in the process of long-term historical evolution, Mahjong gradually spread from palace to folk, so the populaces could enjoy this great leisure game in their spare time. Meanwhile, it was regarded as the sort of culture comes down to our life. And now, Mahjong has been more and more popular and recognized as a sport in the world, like draughts and Chinese chess, and it also takes a deep root in Chinese people’s life. First of all, Chinese people love Mahjong because of the features that are the most popular leisure sport, and everyone could feel happy easily from playing Mahjong. Because Mahjong is fair to all kinds of players and gives players a good chance to show their strategy. Furthermore, it might looks like a simple game, but actually, it involves lots of intelligences of Chinese ancient people. For example, people could practice the skill of predicting and the memorizing ability during play Mahjong. On other hand, playing Mahjong together could make people’s relationships nearer than before. In Sichuan, China, there are many people could play Mahjong because of Sichuan that is the original place of Mahjong since ancient times, and Mahjong also could be regarded as a tool which can delete strangeness between people in this place. Also in Taiyuan, the history of this city...
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