Leisure and Sandlot

Topics: Leisure, Recreation and Sports, Baseball Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: November 9, 2005
"The Sandlot"

After watching "The Sandlot", and learning about the concepts of leisure, recreation and play there are many examples of each throughout the movie. "The Sandlot" is a story of a boy, Scotty Smalls who moves into a new neighborhood with his mom and his step dad, Bill. As a new kid in town he is often seen inside but one day he discovers that there is a group of kids in the neighborhood that go a to lot every morning to play baseball. This very special lot was called the Sandlot. This is where most of the aspects of leisure occur in this story. Leisure

In "The Sandlot" there are many examples of leisure. Leisure can be defined as a state of mind, in which one feels relatively free from constraints, feelings of positive affect occur, and leisure in motivated by internal forces which allows the exercise of perceived confidence. For example, when the boys are all down at the sandlot and are playing baseball is a perfect illustration of leisure. There are many different aspects of leisure that were illustrated in this movie. Not only did playing baseball with the boys create leisure activities but it also created a subculture. A leisure subculture can be found in this movie when Scotty Smalls meets the boys of the neighborhood and when narrator introduces them, they each spit. Another example of how the sandlot and playing baseball created a subculture is the way the rest of boys dressed. When first meeting the players of the sandlot, Scotty wore slacks and a button down shirt which was a bit overdressed for playing baseball. Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, the leader and captain of the boys told Scotty that he should change his clothes in order to fit in with the rest of the group. Instead of putting on his slacks and shirt the next morning he wore jeans and t shirt. Although most of the boys are involving themselves with leisure at the Sandlot, Benny's participation in the game and constant desire to play ball could be considered as...
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