Leisure and Recreation

Topics: Leisure, Recreation and Sports, Psychology Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: September 28, 2011
Benefits of Recreation
Recreation is essential in everyone’s life; it is a special time set aside to do something exciting. There are many benefits which associate with recreation, expert’s advice that one takes time aside from one’s busy schedule to do something which benefits the body, soul and mind. Recreation is a wonderful time to breakaway from everyday routine like work and school. Leisure activities can help improve Family bond, Psychological and Physical needs.

Leisure activity is a great way to spend time with one’s family. It is almost a norm in today’s society to have both parents work while kids are taking care of by babysitters or staying in an after school program. Often time when one goes to the park, one can’t help but notice that the children are at the park with either mom or dad, it is rare to find both parents there. Because some parents spend more time at work than with their children, it is important to for them to recreates together. There are many activities family can participate in such as swimming, walking, rafting, or a walk at the park. Leisure time not only improve parents - child relationship, it also improve marriage relationship because parents tend to bond more when one spend time together doing things one enjoy. Families that recreates together are often time more cohesive than their counterparts.

One of the psychological benefits of recreation is self-esteem, when children feels good about themselves, one makes positive decision and are more confident this in return makes one more productive in society. Some recreational activities teach children the importance of trust, positive social interaction and the importance of Education. Good news for working parents is that many community programs offer children after school and summer programs for a cheaper price. Yoga is one recreation which is known to promote better health because of the improvement of flexibility, better posture and relaxation. Leisure activities...
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