Leisure Activities

Topics: Employment, Leisure, Family Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Some people say that, in the next twenty years, people will have more free time on leisure activities. These days, there is a limitation of time for people to travel and enjoy their life on leisure activities since they have to work all a time. Some people are struggling to get a job, which is more flexible for them to work. However, from my point of view, I strongly think that this trend will be changed in the next twenty years since people can work at home and there will be more advanced technologies be introduced. Moreover, labor laws will also be enforced and more strictly. Firstly, people can work well on their job at home without any problems. In other words, they will not waste their time to travel from home to a workplace. For example, my father usually takes an hour every morning to commute from my house to his company, and over an hour in the evening because of rush hour to go back home. It is definitely that if my father can stay and work at home, he can save over two hours every day those times, and he can enjoy his life on doing some leisure activities. Secondly, nowadays, we are living in a society with many advance technology, which are making our life better than ever. Thanks to development of robot, which is helping us reduce a large amount of households every day. It is more likely that in the next twenty years, people will not have to worry about who in charge of preparing foods, dinners, or even chores for the whole family since the household robot could do it. So, people will be more freedom, and they can enjoy other activities such as playing game, or joining some outdoor clubs on leisure time Finally, government will pass and enforce new laws, which protect employees from overworking. Currently, there are a lot of people have to under miserable condition, some even have to work eleven hour per day while the criteria is just ate hours. For instance, my uncles are working for Japan company, he have to work a lot, perhaps, more than ten hours...
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