Topics: Guy de Maupassant, Gustave Flaubert, Begging Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Candon National High School
Leisure Reading Report

By: Guy de Maupassant
Submitted by:
Peechess Pascua
IV- Michael Faraday

Submitted to:
Mrs. Lynette Josefa M. Angeles
Subject Teacher

Dec.4, 2012

I. Title: “The Bell”
Author: Guy de Maupassant
II. Setting: In their village
III. Characters/Characterization
a. BELL- a beggar, his shoulders up to his ears, his head looked as if it were squeezed in between two mountains. b. M. CHIQUET- he owns the black hen which Bell robbed and killed. c. NICHOLASS TOSSAINT– the one who baptized Bell.

d. Old Lady-she was the one who gave bread to Bell, but now she’s dead. IV. Vocabulary
A. Meaning
1. Peasants- a member of a traditional class of farmers.
2. Clergyman- member of a clergy.
3. Cider- fermented apple juice often made sparkling by carbonation or fermentation in a sealed container. 4. Ditch- a long narrow channel dug on the ground.
5. Scarcely- hardly at all.
6. Exasperate- to excite the anger.
7. Carriage- a four-wheeled horse-drawn passenger vehicle. 8. Hostility-deep-seated usually mutual ill will.
9. Scorn- open dislike and disrespect or derision often mixed with indignation. 10. Crutches- a support typically fitting under the armpit for use by the disabled in walking. B. Sentences

1. Peasants can live without money.
2. His father was a merchant and his mother the daughter of an english clergyman. 3. I also started drinking far too much cheap student union cider 4. A gray wagtail flew up the river and from a roadside ditch we flushed a little crake. 5. She had scarcely yet begun to grind the corn of life.

6. He is becoming exasperated of what she has done.
7. Passengers without a valid passport will be refused carriage on international flights. 8. I simply don't understand why the ti concept arouses such hostility. 9. She reserves particular scorn for...
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