Leiningin Versus the Ants

Topics: Flood, Attack, Leadership Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Leiningin versus the antsDevin Maxwell
Mrs. Fitzgibbon
English 10
February 24, 2012
Leiningin versus the ants Leiningin is a good leader because of self-confident, courageous, and serious. Leiningin is not a respectable leader because, he is not serious. No, Leiningin is very serious leader because; he put lots of gear so he wouldn’t die by the ants. Leiningin is not a respectable leader because, courageous. No, Leiningin ran all the way back to the dam so he could flow his plantation. Leiningin built his plantation he said he was ready for anything and everything, even ants. Leiningen always knew how to grapple with his life. Even here, in this Brazilian wilderness, his brain had succeeded every difficulty challenge he had in his mind. Now he was sure he would prove more than a match for the "irresistible" ants to attack him, and his plantation. Leiningin hired some workers to help him on his plantation, and to kill the ants. When the ants came in Leiningin dug a deep ditch’s on the 3 sides and built a dam so the water could be all around him. When the ants finally reached him, Leiningin put on boots, gloves, eye protection, and cotton balls to cover his eyes and nose. Leiningin is self-confident because, he dug a ditch to protect his plantation so the ants would go slower to attack his plantation. Leiningin said “Ditch or no ditch, we’ll get to your flesh” (page 7). Leiningin is self-confident because of when he put of his gear on, his Leather boots, heavy gauntlets over his hands, covered any open spots with petrol, and mosquito goggles covering his eyes, and plugged his nose and ears with cotton-wool. He ran all the way back to dam, so he could flood his plantation and defeat the ants once and for all. This shows him as self-confident because he didn’t want to die while he ran to the dam, but he wasn’t thinking about himself. Leiningin was thinking about the workers too, he didn’t want to die...
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