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Topics: Theory of cognitive development, Jean Piaget, Object permanence Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: October 23, 2013

This Lego toy set is great for your child age 7-11 in the concrete operational stage of development. The concrete operational stage is about inductive logic, which means taking a specific example and forming general conclusion. When putting pieces together, they will see which pieces fit and which ones do not. They will eventually learn that certain shaped pieces will not work with other ones, and be able to apply that to future creations.

Toy Project


The first toy, which was designed with sounds and colors would relate to the Sensorimotor stage of Cognitive development. The child would be able to hear the toy and would be able to see the toy light up. The child would know that once they look away or if the toy happens to move, the toy would remain in the same place, something known as object permanence. This toy would be beneficial to a child's education as it would allow the child to associate animal sounds with the picture of the animal itself. This toy is not gender specific. The toy contains animals, something that all babies are exposed to.

The second toy, which was a clock represents the preopearional stage of development. Since the toy is a clock, it respresents words and images like "hour" or "minute." Although a five year old may know how to tell time they may not know what a minute or hour is mad up of. The developmental phenomena the toy targets is language development. A child will be able to say the time as opposed to looking at the time and not knowing what it means. This toy has a high educational value. The toy helps children tell time as well as understanding what time of the day it is. This toy is not gender specific. Every child needs to be able to tell time.

The third toy, which was the lego toy was apparently designed for the concrete operational stage of cognitive development. The developmental phenomena the toy targets is mathematical transformations. Because a child has to be able to...
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