Topics: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Factors of production Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: October 26, 2014

2014 Entrepreneurship Homework Format
Deadline:Before starting class of October 23rd
Submission: To the box of Ch.2 in the class room. Type and print your homework on A-4 size paper (in case of two pages, staple them). Ch.2: The Entrepreneurial Process
ID#:12411216 Class ID#:96 Name: Tuan Dung Nguyen
Points of Ch.2 In chapter 2, the writer mainly discusses about entrepreneur process which is based on Carol Moore’s Model. Generally speaking, entrepreneur process includes “all the functions, activities and actions that are part of perceiving opportunities and creating organization to pursue them.” Carol examines the process in the following steps, including: innovation, triggering event, implementation, and growth. Among all activities, functions taking part in the process, triggering event is considered as the key factor to found up a new business. In the meaning, at the stage of founding up, personal attributes and environment factors shape the entrepreneurial traits of nascent organizations. For example, “dream, decisiveness, doers, determination, dedication, devotion, details, destiny, dollars, distribute” are important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, and perhaps, differentiate those with non-entrepreneurs. Moreover, as important as personal attributes, external influences do make strong impact on entrepreneur’s success. They are, for example, role models, sociological factors such as support from family responsibility, the trade-off between experience versus optimism and energy, contacts, social connection with customers, supplier, investors, bankers, etc. As one of the three corner-stones for any entrepreneur, evaluating opportunities decides success of new business. As the matter of fact, in today market, “the crucial ingredients for entrepreneurial success are a superb entrepreneur with a first-rate management team and an excellent market opportunity.” Also, it is said that it is when opportunity and preparation meet...
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