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Electronic Medical Record Assessment

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In today’s society we are constantly growing and changing in the U.S. health care industry. It is clear that you cannot utilize all the paper records in a format that will benefit and capable of supplying primary care providers with all the information needed in a way that will be employed. We have a growing emphasis on providing the right information to the right person anywhere at any time. The world is globally unified, the U.S. health care industry has been moving ahead with the electronic health record (EHR) system. The software we use is significant in getting the job done, I will say. It provides patient scheduling which allows you to schedule the patient appointment’s in a timely manner. It also alerts you when the doctor will not be present and or out of town so you do not schedule a patient when the doctor is not available. It also looks into the system to see if you have any appointments with another provider on the same day in the organization to keep from double booking. Some organizations are linked to other organizations such as pharmacies or radiology departments outside of our organization. It allows online booking for lab test, procedures or radiology testing. This also prevents errors or misread prescriptions by emailing to local pharmacies. It cuts down on errors and lost prescriptions. The main source is online custom medical charting. You can put your patient’s vital signs in the computer concerns and reasons for visit so it gives the doctor a heads up on your visit. Lab integrations can be made a lot faster and smoother preventing mix ups and mistakes in what is ordered from poor hand writing. The doctor can see the nurse’s notes to see what exactly is going on with their patients. It keeps the nurse from being distracted and stopped constantly from the doctor. It allows him to know what is going on with his patient within the last eight or twenty four hours. It...

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