Legislative Branch

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Ameen Zubi 9/20/09 College Business Law Mr. Silberman

The legislative branch of the federal government, which is the congress, consists of two houses. Which are the Senate and the House of Representatives. Congress power’s that is allowed under the Constitution are to levy taxes, borrow money, regulate interstate commerce, impeach and convict the president, declare war, discipline its own membership, and determine its rules of procedure. Revenue Bill’s, which must commence in the House of Representatives, or legislative bills may come from either house. Although they must pass both houses and be signed by the president to become an amendment or a law. Although, the president may veto a bill, but a veto can be overridden by a two-thirds vote of both houses. The House of representative may impeach a president or any other official of the government by the vote of the majority. But the trials of impeached officials are administer by the Senate, and for the official to be impeached two-thirds majority is needed. Congress is assisted in its duties by the General Accounting Office (GAO), which examines all federal receipts.

The House of Representatives is made up of 435 elected members, divided among the 50 states in proportion by their total population. The House of Representatives is chosen by the direct vote of the body of voters in single-member districts in each state. Congress can also investigate pressing national issues and it is charged with supervising and providing a balance for the executive and judicial branches as well. It has the authority to declare war; it has the power to coin money and is charged with regulating interstate and foreign commerce and trade. Congress also is responsible for maintaining the military, though the...
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