Legislation Template Learning Outcome for Home-Based Childcare Award

Topics: Data Protection Act 1998, Health, Occupational safety and health Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: April 1, 2015
Preparing to work in Home-Based Childcare Award (HBCA)
Legislation Template Learning Outcome 1, Task 1, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3

Criteria 1.1
Outline current legislation relevant to the home based childcarer.

Using the information within the learning materials make a list here of current legislation

Children Act 1989 This law acknowledged children’s rights . It also dealt with the registration of day care and child-minding defining a fit person, suitable premises and registration requirements.

Children Act 2004 this expanded on the 1989 act it was extended to include schools, children’s centres and other government departments. It also set out the process for integrating services to children.

Children Act 2006 This introduced changes to the EYFS, Ofsted register Children centres, funding for early years and local authority duty.

Equality Act 2010 This brought together acts relating to equality and fair treatment regardless of gender, race, sexuality, disability and religion

Data Protection Act 1998 This act defines rules around data protection

Criteria 1.2

From your list of legislation for criteria 1.1 please now consider the areas of:

Health and Safety
Safeguarding, welfare and protection of children
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Using the table template list 2 or 3 examples of legislation specific to each of the 3 headings and a brief summary what each piece of legislation will mean in your work as a home based childcarer.

Summary in relation to practice
Health and Safety

The Act gives overall health and safety responsibility to the employer. Duties surrounding Health and Safety to employees and everyone in the setting.
Carry out health and safety assessments in the practice regularly. Reporting any incidents or dangerous occurrences and accidents. Ensuring the practice is covered by public liability insurance and taking all precautions to ensure the health and...
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