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Legislation: Law and Tourism Sector

By Aina52 Feb 27, 2014 429 Words
With regards to the legal and regulatory framework within which the travel and tourism sector exist in the English legal system, explain the difference between civil and criminal law as a method of classifying laws. In your explanation, pay particular attention to the distinction between the legal processes and procedures which an unhappy customer (Mr. Davis) would take in bringing an action against a tour operator (Going Abroad Ltd) who has breached their civil obligation and a situation where the tour operator is being prosecuted by a relevant regulatory body for having committed a criminal offence of providing faulty information. (P1.1)

State and explain the respective bodies responsible for regulating the surface, sea and air travel sectors, with particular emphasis on their role in enforcing the legislation and regulations in place. (P1.2)

You have recently been employed as the Health and Safety Officer of the Rainbow Hotel with the responsibility of ensuring that all rules relating to health, safety and security of the hotel staff, guests and everyone else visiting the hotel are observed. Write a brief report to the Director (Mrs. Kaur), updating her of the Hotel’s legal responsibilities to its employees and hotel invited and even uninvited visitors and the consequences of not observing these legislation and regulations. (P2.1)

Having learnt that you also studied other areas of laws relating to the travel and tourism industry, the Director wants you to write another report on equalities law, briefing her on the legislation relating to sex, race, disability, religious belief and other areas of discrimination law which the hotel needs to take into consideration when engaging employees. (P 2.2)

Discuss the relevance and the distinction between the following legislation in the law of contracts in relation to the travel and tourism sector;

i) Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (P3.1

ii) The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulation 1999 (P3.1)

Task 3b:

Task 4a:

Task 4b:

Explain the EU and UK legal responsibilities of holiday Tour Operators in relation to the description of holiday services and facilities in their brochures and their legal responsibility for services rendered by them or their suppliers to guests while on holidays. (P 3.2)

Identify and analyse one specific ethical issue from two different travel and tourism sector businesses and evaluate how the organisations address those issues. (P 4.1)

Using a travel and tourism organisation of your choice, analyse and discuss the challenges of implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy (you need choose an organisation with already existing CSR policy and strategy). P(4.2)

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