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Key Legislation, Policies and procedures
How they influence health and safety and security in my setting Health and Safety at Work Act

The health and safety at work act 1974 states a wide range of duties that employers must adopt. The employers have the responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of those they employ. This will also apply to those who may be on their premises which could be visitors from another institution. However these duties that the employers must follow are only written in words and as a result there can be a situation where they argue that measures taken may not reduce risk at all. In a hospital where there are numerous dangers it is important to have the health and safety act come into play. For example if a cleaner mops the floor and people are unaware due to the fact that a ‘Wet Floor’ sign was not put up then peoples health and their safety becomes at risk as they may fall and be injured. This may apply to those who may have a visual impairment. Another example of health and safety could be if a nurse is ill and they come into work it is important to not spread the illness by wearing a mask or not being around the patients for extended periods of time. It is important that training takes place to ensure that if an action is carried out in the work place then the effects do not put anyone in danger for example mopping without outing out a sign. Having this regulation put into place promotes the safety of the employers and those who visit the premises because from the legislation, they can put procedures out into place to ensure that when tasks that are being carried out have their risks reduced. Once a procedure is put into place it is taken seriously, and because of this people will adopt this through training, therefore they will safer in the environment in which they work. Food Safety (General Food Hygiene)

Food.gov.uk, (2014). Food Safety Act 1990: a Guide for food businesses. [Online] Available at: http://www.food.gov.uk/business-industry/guidancenotes/hygguid/fsactguide [Accessed 23 Oct. 2014]. The Food Safety Act 1990 was put into place to ensure that you do not add, remove or treat the food in any way that will be harmful to the people who will be consuming it. It was also put into place to be able to ensure that the food that one serves is up to the quality in which they portray and which the consumers will be expecting. Lastly is was put into place to make certain that the food the one makes in labelled advertised and presented in a way in which the consumers is not deceived about what they are consuming. In a hospital setting this act is important because patients that patients hold are in a weakened state and as a result their immune system may be weakened too. This is becomes a severe problem because if the food is contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, if it isn’t cooked properly, then those who may be weak already may become sick further and extend their recovery time. The patient could develop campylobateriosis, which is a bird born bacterium that exists in birds but doesn’t make them. Only once the campylobacter bacteria is eaten from poorly cooked poultry that the patient becomes sick. With this legislation in play at the hospital it will allow the employer to be fully aware of the policies that will need to be put into play. From this there can be leaflets and training days for the chefs which will allow them to fully grasp their responsibilities and as a result make sure the food is made on time and properly. This in turn will greatly reduce the chance that a patient will get food poisoning while they are already sick from something else. Manual Handling Operations Regulations

Workplace Safety Blog, (2013). What is Manual Handling? Explanation of the regulations and TILE tool. [Online] Available at: http://rospaworkplacesafety.com/2013/02/18/manual-handling-definition/ [Accessed 23 Oct. 2014]. These regulations were developed to be able to help...
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