Legend Story

Topics: The Lion King, English-language films, Question Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: March 19, 2015
Angelo Alberto M. Hermoso

The Magical Legend of Destiny
Once upon a time there was once a majestic creature with a body of dolphin and a face of a crab, he was named Crabsimus Prime of the Crustacean race who lived in the eastern shores of the east. Their land was full of peace and prosperity until the Lion King attacked. Many have died from this great war, because of this The Great God Jebus cried for the loss of his creations, He cried and cried and cried many tears of sadness it was the worst day of his life, much time has passed and the war faded because many of them drowned from the tears of The Almighty Jebus, He continued to cry until all was lost in the world, His tears replenished the land and rid itself of impurities and corruption and in those tears began a new era. And within this new era, Crabsimus Prime sought to find a way to control how these tears could be used only for good in order for it not to fall into the wrong hands, and by good he most likely meant for the good of the Crustacean race. so he sought the wisest sage of them all, the sage that went by the name “Bob”. Bob along with his brother Pikamon. Crabsimus asked Bob “oh great sage however shall I be able to control these tears and guarantee it shall not fall to the Lion Kings nation, which was recuperating from their great loss to seek revenge on the Crustaceans with their new leader “Jim” the evil Jim wanted to use these tears to take over the eastern shores of the east in which the Crustaceans reside and thus sought to gain the approval and friendship of the Great God Jebus by attempting to fool him into believing he is good, and thus the Great God Jebus decided to call out a meeting between the leader of the Crustaceans the honorable and mighty Crabsimus Prime who is now accompanied by the great sage Bob as well as his brother Pikamon to try to determine whether Jim was “speaking the truth, or if it is in fact only a clever ruse” which shall be determined only by...
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