Legend of Corn

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, English-language films, Boy Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: May 2, 2005
Chippewa is a small Native American group live up north. Their whole life of living is base on raising corn, hunting, fishing and tobacco is self entertainment. One day, they found a baby near the shore next to the canoe; they don't know where the baby comes from but the kindness heart run in their blood, they decide to raise the baby. They also believe, in order to raise to a fine young man, everyone in the village must look after him, teach him how to be one good man. They gave the baby to grandma, and also his mother, as the primarily be on his side. Zhomin, the new baby, they teach him how to swim, how to hunt animal, how to be a fisherman, paddle the canoe, accept your mistake and learn from it, listen to the elder. The boy did everything as his elder tell him too. At night he always begs his mother tell story, he wants to know everything. As day gone by, the boy grow to be a man, his mother now is too old, she dying. His mother belief in supernatural and she is a sacred person, not just an ordinary mother, she knows what will happen in the future, like all other elders in the village they know something that most people don't. Before she dies she told Zhomin, an outsider will come to this village and look for you, you will do what he wants you to do, never reject. An outsider, Mandabin comes to the village to look for hero in the village to challenge. Zhomin must meets his destiny, must accept Mandabin challenge, that's his mother moral code. They fight night by nights, at last, Mandabin has come to his last breath, he told Zhomin bury him next to his mother as his final request. Zhomin buried Mandabin next to his mother and accept Mandabin as his friend, he light the fires up four days and nights to pray his friend. A corn tree growth up beneath Mandabin's grave. This corn tree growth very fast and finally has a corn, Zhomin tell the medicine man too test. This is one of the sweet corn they have not ever seen. New type of corn gives a new...
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