Topics: English-language films, Galactic Empire, The Plague Pages: 2 (1103 words) Published: September 17, 2014
Main Challenges in the Story Legend:
Legend is a story about two 15 year old kids. From one side we have, as the story tells us in a beginning, a kid called Day. Day is a famous criminal who has given many problems to the republic From the moment he failed his trial, a test designed to be taken by every ten year old kid in the republic to test their physical and mental capabilities, Day was sent to the work camps which turned out to be labs that experimented on the kids who failed their test. Since the moment he escaped the labs, the republic meant nothing to him, from then on, he generates chaos whenever he has the opportunity to. And a girl called June who is the opposite of day, she is a prodigy, the only person in the republic who has gotten a perfect score in the trial studding to become a special agent for the republic in the University of Drake, one day June receives horrible news about his brother, the only family she had left, supposedly he was killed by day. Day, in a desperate attempt to get plague medicine for a family member who becomes infected with the plague breaks into the city’s hospital guarded by Metias, June’s brother, and some other republic soldiers, Day barely escapes from the hospital and meets Metias outside the hospital, in a last attempt to escape Day throws a knife at Metias shoulder injuring him, without wasting any time Day escapes trough the city sewers. June receives the news about her brother and she is commanded to help in her brother’s investigation and avenge him by arresting the guy who killed him that is when she becomes an undercover agent whose mission is find Day and arrest him for his crimes, one day their paths finally cross after Day rescues her from a fight, as they spend time together they realize they are falling for each, although neither of them know who the other person is until day gives a clue of his identity to June later June turns him in to the republic agents but not before questioning herself about it....
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