Legalizing Same Sex Marriage in Texas

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: September 11, 2011
Legalizing Same sex marriage in Texas
There are many reasons why same sex couples deserve the right to have a legalized union in marriage. By denying same sex couples one is violating their religious freedom as well as minority discrimination. It is unfair to say who a person can and cannot marry same sex marriage should be legalized in Texas because no matter what ones sexual preference is, one deserves the right to marry. Religion, medical/health insurance, financial concerns, concern for the children, and parenting issues are some of the reasons why people are against legalizing same sex marriage. However, these same reasons are reasons why same sex marriage should be legalized. The conservative state of Texas opposes same sex marriages and civil unions. On the opposing end of this even if Americans have a very strong disagreement that same sex marriage should remain illegal denying one same sex couple the right to wed on religious grounds is a violation of ones rights and the right to our country’s commitment of separation of church and state. .According to a recent poll from the Public Research Institute, out of all American Christian groups, Catholics are the most supportive of same-sex marriage and/or civil unions: a total of 74 percent expressed support. There are some churches and religious institutions that clearly recognize same sex marriage and uphold the beliefs of same sex couples, Unitarian/Universal Church, the United Church of Christ, The Metropolitan Community Church, Reform, and Reconstructionist Judaism; these institutions recognize same-sex marriage as a part of their religion. (Parson, 2008). In today’s economic times, it takes two incomes to live. A married couple (same-sex or opposite-sex) share in the responsibility of rent, utilities, and other bills. So, joining incomes and sharing of the financial responsibilities in a household and supporting one another, offers the children and family unit a sense of stability and community...
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