Legalizing Prostitution

Topics: Prostitution, Decriminalization, Victimless crime Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: March 14, 2014
“Legalize Prostitution”

Lycer Ngirengkoi
English III: Persuasive Essay

Rosania Olegeriil
February 21. 2014
Prostitution is probably the oldest profession in history dating as far back as 2400 century BC; and rules and regulations regarding this matter are probably the oldest government rules established. With every issue, there are its pros and cons. I think that legalizing prostitution can greatly benefit the society as well. And if I am not mistaken, it is not written anywhere that prostitution is to be illegalized. That was something man decided for himself.

Prostitution is a victimless crime in the sense that two consenting adults are in agreement as to what to do; there is no victim so to speak. It is just like in any form of service industry where goods are exchanged in anticipation of money or other rewards. When you go to the store because you want/need something, you pay for it. There is only one difference when it comes to prostitution. The difference is what is being sold; stores sell merchandise, prostitutes sell their bodies.

Legalizing and regulating prostitution can also prevent diseases. Once prostitution becomes legalized, then government regulations would be mandatory. This means that officials would be able to follow up the list of buyers and sellers. The women who were forced into it would be given the option to continue working or to find a different job. If they continue, then a check-up would be in dire need and a place to live would be given as well. Once that occurs, the HIV/AIDS would decrease. “The United States is tied at first place with the U.K. when it comes to the number of people per capita who live with HIV/AIDS. In Israel, where prostitution is legal, they suffer from nearly an eighth of the U.S.'s number. The U.K. aside, legal prostitution does not appear to have a negative impact on the spread of HIV/AIDS.” (Liberator, 2005)

Prostitution is also a booming, profitable...
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