Legalizing Organ Trade

Topics: Organ donation, Organ transplant, Organ Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: October 19, 2008
Legalizing Organ Trade
One main argument that is in favour of legalizing organ trading is that such a move would help increase the supply for escalating organ demands. Although there has been much debate about allowing organ sales, some felt Singapore should set a precedent by taking the lead and legalized such a trade. This could help save desperate patients who are in need of an organ and had to suffer by going through a series of painful and long dialysis procedures every day. HOTA should not completely forbid organ donation which were instigated by monetary benefits. This is because both parties may have mutually agreed on the terms, whereby a sum of money is given to the donor, who is probably in debt, and the recipient receives an organ, who naturally, needed an organ to survive. Such a move alleviates the problems that are facing by both parties, with the donor getting out of poverty, while the receiver regains a healthy life. A kidney registry could be set up for finding a match for a donor and a patient, which will also safeguard the donors, who are usually poor, from being exploited. Foreigners should not be excluded from the scheme as well as they might be able to meet the standards and measures practiced by the kidney registry. The central registry may also take a leaf out of Iran’s book by adopting methods they have used for their kidney donations facilities as well as customizing it for local needs. Sibling donors have a higher likelihood in successful organ transplants, with a probability of 0.25. For those who could not find a relative to donate, it is preferred that he or she finds a donor who is from his or her own race. If the donor is healthy enough to donate, then a fair sum of money should be paid to the donor. Further measures like ensuring the donor to return every year for check-ups should be done to protect the welfare of the donor. To prevent the poor from being exploited, Singapore could impose certain rules and regulations in a...
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