Legalizing marijuana

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Legalizing Marijuana
“Marijuana is the most common illegal drug used in the United States. Approximately one hundred million Americans have tried marijuana at least one and twenty five million have smoked it in the last year” (31 Random). Legalizing marijuana in all states would be beneficial to the United States. Marijuana is not a harmful drug, it is much safer than alcohol, and legalizing it could be really helpful for most people. Making marijuana legal would help improve our economy, could be used for medicinal purposes, and it could even help decrease violence.

Legalizing marijuana would help improve our economy, no questions asked. The government would be able to tax it and make lots of money. The economy is in a very bad state right now; the US owes so much money to China and our government should really step up. They could take all the profits from selling marijuana and pay back our debts. It could really only help us, not hurt us. Marijuana smokers are going to smoke no matter what. They are breaking the law everyday just to smoke it, but if it was legal they wouldn’t have to break the law and the government would have more money. Marijuana being legal would remove the cost of arresting, prosecuting, and monitoring people on parole and probation, which would be saving the government money. In 2000, a total of 734,497 Americans were arrested for marijuana offenses, of which 646,042 were for possession alone (Marijuana). If people are not being arrested for possession of marijuana, there will be more room in jail cells for people who actually deserve to be in there. In 2004, there were 11,630 marijuana prisoners for federal and there were 33,186 marijuana prisoners for state (Marijuana). That is a lot of extra space prisons would have and a lot of extra money the government would save.
Another way legalizing marijuana could help improve the economy would be that marijuana dispensaries could be located everywhere, which would be creating more...

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