Legalizing Marijuana

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Persuasive essay. Legalizing marijuana

I know some people think this might be a bad Idea, like mothers, teachers, etc. but it can have some positive effects toward our economy in Washington state, children, and the drug addicts themselves. I know what you might be thinking.” Won’t we just have a bunch of potheads running around?” this will answer your questions.

Here are three things to think about. One, it will help people who are suffering. Two, the taxes will be used for things like recovery centers to help the people with addictions and funding for schools. Three, it is less dangerous then your average Coca-Cola.

Good effects
Number one, it is scientifically proven that the leaves of the marijuana plant contain two compounds that increase the amount of fat that the body burns therefore helping cure obesity related diseases. While another study last September concluded that pot smokers were less likely to be obese than non-potheads. In a research study in Germany, 2008, it says that there are some components in marijuana that can block tumor growth. Also “AIDS patients suffering from debilitating nerve pain got as much or more relief by smoking marijuana as they would typically get from prescription drugs - and with fewer side effects.” Countless other reports have suggested that smoking marijuana can help relieve the pain, nausea and muscular spasticity that often accompany cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other diseases.

Number two; the taxes would be a lot of money, with the rate of twenty cents per dollar. So for every gram, it would be about $24.00, including tax. With all of the money the state collects, the more recovery centers to help people get over their psychological addictions, give money to the schools for their classes, supplies, and teacher further creating more jobs. At my school, we almost had our orchestra teacher laid off. With out that extra money, we wouldn’t have band, orchestra, or after school programs.

Now we get...

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