Legalize Weed

Topics: Cannabis, Recreational drug use, Drug Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: May 7, 2013
John O’Brien
WRTG 101S – Persuasive Essay
Dr. James Wyatt
10 APR 2013
Legalizing Marijuana
Although marijuana is widely thought to be party drug for immature abuse, the use of it as a marketing product could greatly benefit the United States economy. The fact that marijuana has various nicknames induced by the younger generations such as blow, weed, Mary Jane, and dank already gives it a negative reputation. Marijuana also plays a role in the war on drugs and is the cause of many gang related activities including countless deaths. It is clear that this drug has stirred up controversial issues within America, though only because it is currently outlawed.

The impact marijuana has on the United States is remarkable, as it’s’ effect continues to grow all the way up the federal government. The controversy surrounding marijuana carries all aspects of all issues including ethical, religious, and even privacy related issues. Marijuana has an extremely high street currency and can cost as much as $50 per gram. At this high cost, combined with a very popular demand, marijuana generates more money than every other cash crop in America combined. The high cost has also been the reason for violence and robbery between street gangs. Marijuana is also widely advertised in media and pop culture as seen in movies and music.

The drug marijuana derives from a plant called Cannabis. Cannabis dates all the way back to 2727 B.C. where is came from the Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung. Cannabis also was used among ancient Greeks and Romans. It was first introduced to the Western hemisphere in 1545 when it was imported by the Spaniards to Chile to be used as fiber. It was grown in North American in the form of hemp and was grown on many plantations where it could be converted to rope, clothing, and paper. The plant is grown wild in tropical forests and other humid areas of the world.

When the Cannabis plant is converted to marijuana it is then used as a drug which can be...
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