Legalize Gambling

Topics: Casino, University of Alabama, The Crimson White Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Shedletha Jones
ENG 101
Z. Showers
Feb. 13 2013
Yes for Gambling

Jackpot! is heard throughout the game room floor. It is followed by wails and screams of excited people all hoping to be the next winner. Do they know that their playing is beneficial to their state and lives of others? For example, Mississippi’s roads are a whole lot smoother than Alabama’s because some of the money received from the gambling casinos made it possible. As for the states that declare gambling illegal, they are missing out on tax revenues and many other opportunities. Making gambling illegal will not stop people from gambling, but it will make them go to other states and help their government. Therefore, gambling should be legalized in Alabama because it provides jobs, benefits education and provides funding for city projects.

The first advantage of having a gambling casino is that it opens the door for job opportunities. According to the American Gaming Association, “Mississippi employed over 28,000 people in 2008”. There is a specification in all fields such as bartenders, security, door greeters, bathroom attendants, and customer service. The hours are flexible for people who attend college or have to take care of their children. Therefore, they are able to work shifts suitable for them. Although, it may not seem like much, thousands are still provided with some form of income. For example, while working at Country Crossing I had a very flexible schedule that allowed me to care for my children and attend school as well. In fact, since the state closed the doors to this establishment I have had a very hard time balancing work, school, and child care. Therefore, if gambling in Alabama would become legalized, things such as this could be avoided. Next, there are educational advantages from the money collected in the casinos. According to The Crimson White “some tax could help fund the (PACT) Prepaid Affordable College Tuition program”. This program helps to provide...
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