Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Topics: Law, Cannabis, Hashish Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Raul Cordova
Mrs. Headtler
English 11
10 October 2013
Pro Marijuana Legalization Interview
On January 10th, I interview Dr. Hanya Barth, founder of Compassionate Health Options, a group of 11 wellness counseling facilities located throughout Northern California, about marijuana legalization. “Mrs. Hanya, first of all, I appreciate you a lot for giving me a little time to speak with me” “I am glad to.” Responded Dr. Hanya.

“What do you believe would happen to the war on drugs if marijuana would be legalized?” I asked
“I think the real answer is, nobody knows. However with that said, we can make some good guesses based on historical evidence. The first useful comparison is the to look at what happen in the USA when the prohibition of the sale of alcohol was removed.” Replied Dr. Hanya

“How can they prove you are driving under the influence of marijuana?” I asked. “Driving recklessly and a subsequent drug test that shows the presence of THC is usually enough to convince a jury or judge.” Replied Dr. Hanya “What makes driving a car dangerous while under the influence of marijuana?” I asked “Smoking weed makes you very absent-minded and forgetful, which is obviously dangerous if you're driving. However, smoking weed can also make you paranoid, which can actually be helpful when you're driving. I don't drive, but many of my friends who do claim that marijuana makes them better drivers, because they're so terrified of doing something wrong and getting into an accident, or getting pulled over by the police, that they obsessively follow every single driving/traffic rule.” Reply Dr.Hanya. “Why is it risky to drive under the influence of marijuana?” “Marijuana slows your reflexes in similar ways to alcohol, as well as making you more easily distracted. These things make it easier to crash into something you don't see or don't see in time to avoid it. Usually high people drive slower, however that doesn't necessarily compensate for the risk.” “Alcohol is...
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