Legalization of Marijuana – for and Against

Topics: Cannabis, Hashish, Legality of cannabis by country Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: September 6, 2013

Legalization of Marijuana – For And Against
Do you want to live in a city that smells of marijuana? Do you want to see and communicate with people under the affect of this “gateway drug”? Do you want your children in their adolescence to be easily able try a joint? I think these questions people have to ask themselves before we legalize marijuana use. Marijuana became legal in two states of the U.S. for recreational use. Also 18 states have legalized marijuana for medical use at different times. According the article in Post Gazette by Senator Daylin Leach, “We’re locking up Pennsylvania for no reason at great cost,” where he proposed to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania. In this article he outlines marijuana as practically harmless fun that is not physically addictive. Also he doesn’t allege his position with strong arguments as statistics, medical research results, and examples. However, he underlines prohibition of marijuana like an expense part of a state budget. I would like to disclose positive and negative sides of this question such as medical research, social views and cost for a budget. The economic benefits from legalization of marijuana is worth nothing in comparison to the mental and moral health of people.

First of all, based on medical research, doctors already proved that the using of marijuana has multilateral influence on the health of a person. According to a report of National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), marijuana smokers can have many of the same respiratory problems experienced by tobacco smokers, such as daily cough and phlegm production, more frequent acute chest illness, and a heightened risk of lung infections. Also, the number of studies shows many mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts among adolescents who use marijuana. Using of marijuana during pregnancy increases the risk of neurobehavioral problems in babies. The child may have a problem with attention,...
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