Legalization of Marijuana

Topics: Physician, Medicine, Pharmacology Pages: 4 (1239 words) Published: October 8, 1999
By: jim

Recently doctors have prescribed marijuana, and "the Clinton administration threatened to prosecute doctors who prescribe marijuana," (Gonnerman 40). Doctors are prescribing marijuana for its medical benefits. The Clinton administration on the other hand is outlawing marijuana because it has not been approved by the FDA. Since doctors feel marijuana has medical benefits it should be clinically tested so they can prescribe it for their patients. Marijuana can be used for many medical reasons. For cancer patients receiving chemotherapy marijuana decreases vomiting and nausea; it also helps them deal with the anxiety of the treatment. AIDS patients can use marijuana because of its ability to stimulate their appetite. Marijuana can also be used to decrease the muscle spasms of people with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Glaucoma, a disease which causes blindness due to an increase of pressure in the eyeball, can be dealt with by using marijuana because it decreases the pressure in the eyeball (Cowley 23). All of these diseases are terribly painful for the patient, and none of them have a perfect cure, but marijuana does help the patient deal with the disease. There are drugs with marijuana's active ingredient, THC, which can be used in place of marijuana, but most of them are problematic. Marinol can be used by cancer patients and AIDS patients. Marinol can cause intoxication; it is only available in a pill form which is hard to swallow while vomiting and it is difficult to take the correct dosage. Patients with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis can use dantrium and lioresal. However, dantrium can cause liver damage, and lioresal causes sedation and sudden withdrawal can cause hallucinations and seizures (Cowley 23). Xalatan, beta-blocker eye drops, miotic eye drops, and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors can be used to treat glaucoma but each drug has a side-effect. Xalatan can change the eye color of the user. Beta-blocker...
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