Legalization Of Marijuana

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Legalizing marijuana has become a very controversial topic with our generation and the following generation. I believe that the legalization of marijuana would help local communities and help increase the money going into the government and the amount taxpayers pay. I think by legalizing marijuana cops and local law enforcement would have more time to take care of criminals committing serious crimes.
Some people think that because weed is a “drug” it is horrible for you, and facts supported that for a long time. While some thought the plan was unlawful, others used it as a medical advancement and used it to help soothe health conditions, which would otherwise remain. So, yes, it may be a drug and have a bad reputation but because it is used as medicine I see it okay to be legalized.
““Children are growing up with a total lack of respect for the Constitution and for the law," Pauline Sabin, the first woman to sit on the Republican National Committee, said in regard to prohibition in 1932. "The young see the law broken at home and upon the street," she added. "Can we expect them to be lawful?””
“Though far from a magic bullet, studies show that marijuana legalization could help cash-strapped states and cities solider through ongoing budget shortfalls. One by the Cato Institute, the libertarian think tank, suggested in 2010 that legalization could generate as much as $8.7 billion in annual revenue for federal and state coffers. A prominent tax blog compiled data from different sources last year to show that legalizing marijuana could help nine states slash their deficits by double-digit percentages.”
As this article shows, the legalization of marijuana could help in many different ways and could lead cities onto a path of improvements.

How much could the deficit be decreased by with the legalization of marijuana?
Double digit percentages
A new legal pot industry could open…? New job opportunities
Legalizing marijuana

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