Legal System and ADR Analysis

Topics: Dispute resolution, Alternative dispute resolution, Court Pages: 2 (920 words) Published: November 2, 2014
ToAll Employees CCMartin Leeway From DateAugust 4, 2014 ReThe Legal System and ADR Analysis Handling business disputes can be questionable at times with the uncertainties that can from having a case play out in court. There are various levels of court systems on a state level and the disputes can reach as high up to the states Supreme Court. Being efficient is one of the main keys when considering how to handle a business dispute. One option for a business to handle a business dispute would be to use an Alternative Dispute Resolution or commonly known as ADR. There are few methods that will be discussed that can help a business to resolve a dispute, negotiation and arbitration. A local shoe store is an authorized dealer for specialty shoes for formal gatherings and is in a prominent part of the city. The shoe store is the only one in the city to carry a shoe made specifically by designer Sling Bling. Sling Bling will make these shoes in half sizes and wide width for the diverse customers that frequent to this shoe store. The contract between the shoe store and Sling Bling states that all orders made for the particular shoe will be shipped within two months. The order must contain more than five pairs of shoes in order for it to make sense financially for both companies. An order was placed for seven pairs of shoes with a variety of sizes and widths for a wedding party. Sling Bling was to complete the order and ship within two months. The customers had already been charged by the shoe store and in turn Sling Bling had accepted the funds needed to produce the specialty shoes. Sling Bling contacted the shoe store and advised that due to material being on backorder with the supplier the three pairs of shoes that were completed would not ship until the remaining shoes were made. The owner of shoe store became quite upset because the wedding party was assured all shoes would come in at the same time. This could potentially cause a loss of all current and...
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