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Legal System

By yandychen May 07, 2013 983 Words
  The U.S. District Court is a complex system.There are a lot of different courts with vary of cases in the US District Court of Massachusetts;it can be juridical many types of federal civil and criminal cases. In this observations, I feel listening in the court is better to understand how a court work in function than reading in textbook. This observation let me understand how the cases proceed in a court, and the way judges and lawyers handle the cases, and it give me an opportunity to find out what is strengths and weaknesses of this legal system.   First of all, one of the strengths is justice and equal of the legal system. Security check is necessary when everyone entering the courthouse included lawyers and judges. The security system is very strict as boarding security procedures. All the personal bags are asked for to go through the detection of the laser scanner. Moreover,people cannot bring cell phone and any electronic device into the courtroom;all this items need to deposit in the security office.   Second, one of the other strengths is that the defendants are innocent until polices found the evidence to prove you are guilty.For example, the case I learned from the court. There is A men named Freddie Vincente Mejia who was arrested in May 2012 and police cited him with felony narcotics offenses.State polices need to prove guilty conduct of defendant that makes the legal system more equitable and rational. Also American legal system use adversarial procedures, emphasizing the responsibility and role of lawyers for both parties. In other words, both the prosecution and the defense are able to investigate the case and collect evidence, so that they both have equality rights and obligations.   And the third strengths is jury.Every citizen may become a jury.In the U.S. Legal system, jury use the facts of the problem to determine cases, judge determine the cases by legal issues. The jury and judge have entirely different functions in the system. The purpose of to have jury in the system is, Since jury would not tendency to the legal specialization as a lawyer. Jury is a person never received any legal training before. They can use simple logic of normal people and use their social experience to conclusive their own judgments. Some people may think jury just a furnishing in the court. In fact, the jury is share the power with prosecutors and judicial power. Jury can prevent judicial corruption because the members of jury are generally selected at random in the communities, and elected in respect of a particular case. So that plaintiff and defendant cannot bribe the members of jury. Even though defendant is trying to bribe the jury, it is very difficult to know about all the members of the jury. However, some major criminal cases and civil cases possessing, the judge can isolated juries from outside interference. The jury system prevent the judicial corruption, ensure legal system of impartiality and independence, to improve the quality of citizens , to protect the judiciary of arbitrary, and have an important and irreplaceable role in this legal system.   Unfortunately, this legal system has some weaknesses, like not everyone have right to pursuit their happiness fairly. For example, same-sex marriage and stem cell research become a very popular topic in today. In the homosexual love rights issue, many Americans disagree same-sex marriage, which is reflected in the laws of most states, and the laws restricting homosexual lover desire, and make people who love each cannot combine. Also one important thing is destroy the happiness of many people. U.S. Constitution was declares that everyone has right to pursuit happiness. However, if government prohibits same-sex marriage will make people loss marital happiness. Furthermore, many people disagree to stem cell research. If the government do the same way to stop stem cell studies, someone will be dead. In another way, if the stem cell used in some ways, it may save a lot of people from dying.   Another weaknesses is some valid evidence maybe cannot use when polices collect evidences in a inappropriate way. When police officer do not follow the procedure to collect the evidence, it caused the useful evidence become ineffectual. For example, a men suspected of killing a women. During the investigation procedure, the investigating officers follow all the legal procedure get this men diary. In the diary, this men described all the detail that he want to attack this women. But this men denied killing her, and police cannot use diary as evidence because it violated the privacy of the defendant. This is one of the real weaknesses in our legal system, set some guilty person free because valid evidence become suppressed.   Consequently, United Stated has a powerful legal system than other countries. The U.S. District Courts shows strengths of the legal system, no matter what age and race the justice and equal to everyone. People are innocent until the state has enough evidence to prove you are guilty. The jury system is the public representatives jurors involved in judicial activity, and share the judicial power with judges, which is the part of the people directly involved in the exercise of power. They are not easy to abuse of power and corruption. They share jurisdictions and prevent the judicial arbitrariness and imperious effectively, to ensure citizens' freedom and democracy. However, the legal system has weaknesses, not everyone have rights fairly and equally. Some useful evidence may not use in the court due to the polices collect it in a inappropriate way. Compare strengths and weaknesses,United States is more clarity on the division of functions, its judicial procedures that a fundamental change has occurred, a major impact on the development of the American legal system and even had an important impact on the other countries of the world.

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