Legal studies yr 12 crime assessment

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Year 12 Legal Studies Crime Assessment
Steven Fraser - R v Fraser - Murder of children

Legal Citation: R v Fraser [2003] NSWSC 965 and R v Fraser [2004] NSWSC 53 Elements of the Offence: Steven Fraser murdered his three children – Ashley (7), Ryan (5), and Jarrod (4) – on the weekend of the 18 – 19 August, 2001. They were staying in his Caringbah apartment on a custody visit, where Steven was living after separating with his wife Maria Chona two months prior. Ryan and Jarrod were given doses of Mogadon (sleeping pills) before they were drowned in the bathtub. Ryan’s body was placed on a mattress in the lounge room and Fraser wrote in felt tip pen on his face "I love you Ryan, RIP xo". Jarrod’s body was left in the bedroom with a similar message written on his face. Fraser spent the following day with his daughter Ashley, before attempting to drown her in the bathtub. As she fought hard against him, he struck her on the back of the neck to subdue her. Ashley’s body was then placed on another bed, and written on the wall above her was “There’s no place like home”. After noticing that Fraser had not returned the children to their mother’s home at the end of the weekend, his mother went over and broke into his house with assistance from a locksmith. They were greeted by a toy monkey hanging from an electrical cord from the ceiling with a knife placed through it, and tomato sauce used to look like fake blood. Fraser was found lying naked in the bath, drinking milky liquid from a tumbler. He was extremely agitated and tried to put his head under the water. Fraser was taken under police guard to Sutherland Hospital where police allege he said: "My children were my world, I killed my kids to protect them. My children are in peace now." Factors that lead to criminal behaviour: Fraser had recently split with his wife and was very distraught by the fact she had moved on and started a relationship with another man. Fraser could not accept her new relationship and...

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