Legal rationale Authority

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Public Administration

Question: According to max Weber, legal rational authority is the most rational type of authority. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

The aim of essay is to discuss legal rational authority commonly known as bureacracy. It high lights why legal rational authority is the best way of authority for any professional run organization. The essay also highlights some of the problems of legal rational authority and the solutions that can make it more flexible in communication and decision making

Legal rational authority according to Webber was the most rational and most stable of authority. Formal rules and regulations legitimize this authority. People obey orders of the ruler not because they are loyal but because rules and laws stipulate so and must be obeyed Legal rational authority also known as the bureaucratic authority is the form of leadership in which the authority of an organization or ruling regime is largely tied to legal laws. Legitimacy is seen as coming from legal order, meaning the authority follows and obeys the laws that have been enacted and enforced by government.

Rationality means the basis by which sound decisions are made by proper reasoning instead of acting on intuition or influence
Legal rational authority is the best type of authority reason being unlike these other types of authority, legal rational authority is management based on a formal structure with set rules and regulations which makes it unbiased and professional. As much as it has its flaws, it is the most rational authority because management of an organization is not based on personal relations where employees working in an organization are loyal to a specific individual rather than an organization, if this where the case work would not be done as personal issues would be factored into work and this would bring about inefficiency. In order for an organization to be run efficiently rules must be followed. This is done through organizational hierarchy where a superior –subordinate type of relationship exists.

Continuity of office is another feature of a legal rational authority, where an organization continues to function even when an official is removed from office; there are many reasons that can cause an official to be out of office, for instance sickness, death, maternity leave or even dismissal .this does not mean that work will have to come to a standstill, office work will still have to continue to operate, this can done through business continuity management where members of an organization are trained through delegation of work or even rotation of job roles. Division of labour and specialization is also another factor of legal rational authority; this means every organization is made up of different departments with specific functions. In order for work to be efficient specialization in these departments is needed .Division of labour and specialization is done by the human resource department which employs the most specialized person for the job and place them in the correct function, for instance IT personnel are placed in

an IT department with personnel qualified in information technology, which means their jobs in the organization would be to offer support to other employees needing IT support. A rational organization also needs record keeping to be done; this is vital for any organization because decisions made and all information must be recorded and retained. The most essential part is that the organization must not forget any decisions made as inconsistencies will occur. In any case an organization without proper records would be disorganized, inefficient and would cause chaos. For instance if an organization such as ministry of lands didn’t have any proper records management department, one wouldn’t know who owns which piece of land as the probability of many people paying for the same land would be high and possibly bring about conflicts....

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