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Topics: Source code, Privacy, Law Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: November 15, 2014
Legal Issue: Respecting the privacy of user posted information Likelihood: Moderate
Impact: High
Ease of fix: Moderate

Implementing communication methods such as video or instant messaging presents several legal implications and there are various areas to consider when looking at the legalities of communication methods. Some of the main aspects to take in to consideration involve respecting the privacy of user posted information and be aware of not disclosing personal or confidential information unless authorised to do so. Mitigation

The communication data can be archived to monitor any risk identified above and the required actions can be taken.

Legal Issue: Defamation Issues
Likelihood: Moderate
Impact: High
Ease of fix: Moderate

Sending anonymous messages can cause defamation issues. Some of which can be offensive and harmful, this can be considered as a high risk because it can have a negative effect on employees of an organisation. Mitigation

As mentioned in the previous legal issue the communication data can be archived therefore if any legal action must come to place then these anonymous messages are traceable.

Legal/Ethical Issue: Copyrighted Content
Likelihood: Moderate
Impact: High
Ease of fix: Moderate

As developers of the system, during the process of developing the new piece of software, we should take into account the legal and ethical implications associated with it. The major issues when it comes to development is using licensed, copyrighted or official open source codes. This can have a major impact on organisation and could result in facing fines. Mitigation

It is important that the source code's types are distinguished and sufficient actions are taken such as crediting the author, following GPL or LGPL rules for licensed source codes(Ron and Jennifer,2009) or be sure to seek permission from content owner.

Social Issue: Encrypting Information
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