legal ethical challenge 4

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Legal/ethical Challenge

Chapter 4


1-. If they doesn’t like the way things are done in Russia, why they decide to go to Russia and had a business they should study first the way that things are done in Russia then decide if you thing you can handle the way they do things. But something they can do is tried to apply the rules or teach the employees they way things are done in United States.

2-. If the owners of 3M are not Russian they don’t have to do every the same way as Russian people does. I mean in to the company you as a owner you can create a different culture in to the company. But something for sure is that if you go to different country and you want to work there where country if you are the one that is coming that means that you need to pick up the rules and work the same as everybody does.

3-. They need to change the basic moral responsibility to improve the ethical climate in foreign countries, because the way they are doing in not the way they want and if they don’t change 3M need to adapt first to Russian rules an culture then 3M can teach that to the employees.

4-. Yes the should find a solution and I think every thing is money. Let’s said if they do an agreement with the Russia government of helping to improve something in Russia I don’t know do something that Russia can help 3M to make things were the way they work but everything is money so 3M need to do something for Russia or for people.
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