Legal, Ethical and Social Values of Business Term Paper L
Topics: Ethics, Morality / Pages: 28 (7000 words) / Published: Oct 8th, 2012

Integrating Values-The Legality, Morality, and Social Responsibility of Wal-Mart’s Response to Sex Discrimination and Pay Lawsuits

Natalie Rondon
Christian Varillas
Shirley Simmonds
Francisco Amado
Kyle Lozito

Nova Southeastern University

We certify that we are the author of this paper and that any assistance received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in the paper. We have also cited any sources from which were used data, ideas of words, whether quoted or paraphrased. I also certify that this paper was prepared by us specifically for this course.

Table of Contents Abstract (Natalie Rondon) 3 Introduction ( Natalie Rondon) 4 Legal Section (Franciso Amado) 5 Ethic Section Utilitarian Ethical Analysis (Kyle Lozito) 8 Kantian Ethical Analysis (Christian Varillas) 14 Additional Ethical Analysis (Natalie Rondon). 18 Social Responsibility Section (Shriley Simmonds). 20 Conclusion (Natalie Rondon). 25 References. 26

This is a library research paper on the integrating values of Wal-Marts to sex discrimination and pay lawsuits that Wal-Mart has encountered over the years. The paper will discuss the legality of the situation and how Wal-Mart might be able to fix the issues that they are having. The paper will also discuss Utilitarian ethical analysis, Kantian ethical analysis and Socrates and the Socratic method. It will go into detail if Wal-Mart as a company has acted ethical or moral against its employees based on the ethical analysis just listed. Social Responsibility will also be discussed and will be given examples on if Wal-Mart gives back to the community or other organiztions.

Introduction Wal-Mart has seen lawsuits after lawsuits over the years. Why has this been occurring to them? Are they a bad company, immoral or unethical? Is Wal-Mart actually committing illegal crimes? This will be discussed using one main lawsuit as an example and others to point out more facts. The

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