Legal, Ethical, and Risk Management - You Decide

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Meetings and Events Management
Assignment Week 5:
Legal, Ethical, and Risk Management - You Decide

April 7, 2013

I would like to begin by giving you a summarized scenario of assignment this week. My role in this scenario is an Event Leader for a tradeshow and exhibition. At the day of the event, I was standing by the loading dock with sweat dripping down my eye brow. As dozens of trucks and other vehicles line up for what seems like miles in the distance. As the sun continued to beat down on the loading dock, the union representatives begin to exchange words with me about who has had the jurisdiction of work. Finally, I glanced at my watch and realized that the loads-in for the event was running two hours behind schedule, thus incurring thousands of dollars in overtime charges. And this was only the beginning of trials for the trade show. Once the doors to the exhibition opened, hundreds of buyers streamed in and promptly clogged the aisles on one side of the exhibit floor. For nearly four hours, buyers virtually ignored exhibitors on the other side of the exhibit floor. A few minutes after the exhibition began. Several exhibitors complained to me that the other exhibitors were playing loud music and stepping into the aisles to bring more people into their booths. The legal counsel for the exhibition center John Reed He reminded the exhibit manager that it is illegal for an exhibitor to play music without permission from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers or Broadcast Music, Inc. Fred Meyers, the union representative of the exhibit hall, was having some heated words about the jurisdiction of work with me. Then I notice that I was running two hours behind getting the exhibit materials into the exhibit hall. Sam Smith, the Exhibition Manager, is getting concerned about the problems developing with loud music in some exhibitor's booths, the labor jurisdiction of work for the union, the issue of overcrowding, and the activities conducted in the booths. He requested that I give him a report so these issues would be solved before the next trade show which will begin following week. And these are the following objectives that I have to comply with his request as a report for me to submit.

What should be included in the exhibitor’s policies, procedures, and practices and regulations?

* Eligibility - Each exhibiting company must submit an application and contract for exhibit space or application for other options such as table tops displays, demo and safety plan. If accepted this will become a binding agreement and highlights that our company has the right to deny access to any individual or organization it deems to inconsistent with the goals of the event and its members, rights to reject application that is incomplete and incompliance to requirements, completing the application and reserving booth space proves that exhibitors agree to all rules and regulation of the event and any decisions of the event organizers will be acceptable , and further , that said exhibitor will bound by such decision’s. (Eligibility is conditions that an applicant or exhibitors must fulfill. * Indemnity – is a legal philosophy upon which the concept of most insurance policies rests. It’s a protection from loss and damage claims filed by another person. For example, an event goer may have injured themselves from a slip and fall and the exhibitors must have an indemnity insurance to compensate visitors. And for the exhibitors indemnify and hold harmless all organizers of the event , its officers, directors and employees, including volunteers , and members from all liability to any person or persons for or by reason of any condition, defect operation of any apparatus, equipment, or fixtures furnished by the exhibitor in connection with his /her agents, servants or employees. This is to cover the exhibitors to help the visitors and event staffs to get restored to original state and helps the...
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