Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Web Site Issues Paper

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Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Web Site Issues Paper
University of Phoenix
May 8, 2007

Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Web Site Issues
The Internet is a maturing and a consistently adapting entity that will survive on in perpetuity. This is why Team ponders the e-Business legal, Ethical and Regulatory Web site issues of business to business and business to consumer. Whatever is written and published online (and do not forget video, films, movies, and audio files in a myriad of application formats) will be there indefinitely. Imagine the trillions upon trillions of text information pages that are, and will exist, for a long period.

Additionally, with the impact of wireless web mail at a users fingertips via cell phones and other personal digital assistant communication devices, the Internet will be affecting more people the ever previously imagined. Security and privacy concerns, along with e-business regulatory issues will become more prevalent. Today’s Web sites are becoming more difficult to determine their trustworthiness; with all the unethical, illegal, and Internet marketing and online advertising frauds and e-Business email scams. This paper will describe the legal, ethical and regulatory issues that, Joseph A. Bank, and Men’s Warehouse Web sites must address. Additionally, this paper will describe how each site handles security, confidentiality and international issues.

Ethics is universal and is applied to anything that may have relations to individuals. Ethics is there to guide businesses from harming the public and with this in mind; ethics is also tied with legalities to help defend it. Ethics and legality works hand in hand to create a peaceful environment in doing business (Ethics and Legal issues, 2001-2007). addresses legal, ethical and regulatory issues with the utmost seriousness. refrains from negative or defamatory articles published about the various clothing competitors on their website. From both an ethical value based and legal perspective ensures that the written words and what is portrayed about the company and products are factual. Privacy regulatory issues with include email correspondence that should be private and confidential. The website offers the consumer the option of supplying his or her personal information that is used for account identification and future notifications of specials or sales. All personal information is kept private and confidential and will not be given or sold without the expressed permission of the consumer. Unethical redirects to other web pages with completely different information that what was shown in the search results is a typical business to consumer search spam. has invested in the best position on the more popular internet search engines and has worked hard to preserve the reputation of having a website that is functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. avoids unethical and illegal spy-ware and/or ad-ware. The companies that are involved in these types of practices promote themselves as get to the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN search guaranteed for your keywords. maintains the capabilities to provide secure transaction processing for its consumers. Technologies like encryption, Secure Socket Layer, or validation keys are a few technologies that can be used. Proper authentication and authorization procedures are in place. The website offers claimers for security, privacy and confidentiality (, 2007) that the company stands behind along with a 1-800 number in the event questions or concerns may arise. does not engage in the exchange of private or confidential proprietary information with one competitor. Internal audits are conducted on these processes and certified as to the adequacy of practices and procedures implemented that can be used as an effective confidence building exercise.

Joseph A. Bank
Creating a relationship...

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