Legal Crime vs Natural Crime

Topics: Criminal law, Crime, Crimes Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: November 1, 2008
Legal Crime vs Natural Crime

The natural definition of crime is any act that is seen as fundamentally wrong, strongly disapproved, and deserving of punishment”, regardless of whether it is legal. Natural crime is one that is mala in se, or wrong in itself. Meaning that is wrong to do regardless of your circumstances. Natural crime presumes a common morality that society agrees that everyone should behave the same way towards certain areas. It is also based on the principle that within most religions and cultures it is found to view the same ways objectionable. Even though most of what is consider natural law in religions is basically the same, it is not true for all, because there are some things that aren’t universal to all cultures. For example, with the recent natural disasters causing gas shortages, some gas stations went to gas gouging. They were raising the prices of gas, even when they had no shortages, but playing on people’s fear of not being able to get gas. Some might say that is a crime, even though they can be fined for such a thing, some might want to warrant prison time just because. Take for example that someone was running and accidentally bumped into you and you took a stumble of the curb and broke your ankle, even though it was an accident, you might feel victimized and call it a crime. Legal crime is any act that violates criminal law. In legal crime what make s it illegal is the fact that is has been written in to law by our government. Legal definition of crime is when a person acts, fails to act, attempts to act or agrees to act in a way that is in violation of the criminal law without justification or defense. Such as many of us do not think that driving 85 miles per hour on the highway is should be legal and the only reason it is illegal is because government has set the limit at 70mph. If it were not as such we could drive as fast as we’d like. So essentially, illegal means the government says it is. The major crimes listed with...
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