Legal and Ethical Issues in Psychopathology

Topics: Nursing, Patient, Nursing care plan Pages: 5 (801 words) Published: February 15, 2013


Patricia M. Schwirian, Ph.D., R.N.
The Ohio State University College of Nursing
1585 Neil Avenue - Columbus, OH 43210

|Instructions: The following is a list of activities in which nurses engage with varying degrees of frequency and skill. | |IN COLUMN A: please enter the number that best describes how often the nurse performs the activities in the performance of his/her current | |job. | |IN COLUMN B: for those activities that the nurse does perform please enter the number that best describes how well he/she performs them. | |PLEASE USE THE KEY AT THE TOP OF EACH COLUMN |

|COLUMN A |COLUMN B | |How often does this nurse perform these activities in his/her current |How well does this nurse perform these activities in his/her current | |job? |job? | |Not expected in this job |Not very well | |Never or seldom |Satisfactorily | |Occasionally |Well | |Frequently |Very Well |

| |Column A |Column B | |1. Teach a patient's family members about the patient's needs. | | | |2. Coordinate the plan of nursing care with the medical plan of care. | | | |3. Give praise and recognition for achievement to those under his/her direction | | | |4. Teach preventive health measure to patients and their families. | | | |5. Identity and use community resources in developing a plan of care for a patient and his/her | | | |family. | | |

| |Column A |Column B | |6. Identify and include in nursing care plans anticipated changes in patient's conditions. | | | |7. Evaluate results of nursing care. | | | |8. Promote the inclusion of patient's decision and desires concerning his/her care. | | | |9. Develop a plan of nursing care for a patient. | | | |10. Initiate planning and evaluation of nursing care with others. | | | |11. Perform technical procedures: e.g. oral suctioning, tracheostomy care, IV therapy, catheter | | | |care, dressing changes....
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