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Topics: Subpoena duces tecum, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Subpoena ad testificandum Pages: 4 (1106 words) Published: May 11, 2011
26 Confidentiality of Health Information
1. If a motion to quash has been filed, which of the following is most likely to be true?
A. The patient has signed an authorization for release.
B. Medical records have been subpoenaed.
C. A malpractice suit has been filed.
D. A breach of confidentiality has occurred.
2. If a case involves private law, which of the following is most likely to be the subject matter of the case?
A. Tort
B. Substantive criminal
C. Criminal procedure
D. Constitutional law
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Lesson 1
Health Information and Litigation
When you feel confident that you have mastered the material in Lesson 1, complete the following examination. Then submit only your answers to the school for grading, using one of the examination answer options described in your “Test Materials” envelope. Send your answers for this examination as soon as you complete it. Do not wait until another examination is ready.

Questions 1–20: Select the one best answer to each question. EXAMINATION NUMBER:
Whichever method you use in submitting your exam
answers to the school, you must use the number above.
For the quickest test results, go to Examination

3. If the result in a case is that the defendant has to go to jail for a year, which of the following is most likely true?
A. It was a malpractice case. C. It was a misdemeanor case.
B. It was a contract case. D. It was a felony case.
4. Bob says that his claim is based on the fundamental law of the nation. Most likely, Bob is relying upon what source of law?
A. Constitution C. Regulation
B. Statute D. Common law
5. Carl files suit in federal court. Which of the following would be sufficient to give that court subject matter jurisdiction?

A. The claim involves more than $75,000.
B. The claim involves more than $25,000.
C. Carl and the defendant reside in the same federal district. D. The claim involves a...
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