Legacy of the Middle Ages in the West

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Legacy of the Middle Ages in the west

An Essay Submitted to
Dr. Gary Poe

Humanities II

Blake Nichol

March 17, 2010
Legacy of the Middle Ages in the West

Dear Friend,

I read your argument recently about the Middle Ages and how you have the belief that it was a time of no cultural expression. Well, I’m writing to try to persuade you to think otherwise. After an extensive, semester long study on the Middle Ages and the events that took place, leaving a great mark in history, I would like to inform you of my studies. Through the research I have done I have found at least four major contributions to what is known as the legacy of the Middle Ages in the West. The first thing that I will point out to you is the technological advances during this time period, the second is the founding of the different major universities, the third is the great technique in various architectural structures, and the fourth and final contribution I will explain to you will be the advancement of science and medicine. Hopefully, after reading this, if you’re not too bored, you will understand why the Middle Ages did not lack cultural expression, but instead, had a very great influence on the West. So, let’s get right down to business, shall we? The first thing I’d like to point out that was developed was the printing press. It was developed in the late middle ages by a German craftsman named Johannes Gutenberg. Now, where would we be without this invention? The printing press is a major invention and still in use today. Obviously, the ones we use today have been perfected to be more efficient and less expensive to produce maximum output but even so, it’s the same basic concept that started way back in the Middle Ages. Another set of technological advancements that came about during the Middle Ages were the different types of war methods that were developed. They developed...

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