Legacy for My Family

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A legacy for My Family

Thinking of my life ahead can often be unnerving; sometimes I wonder what will be? Will my life be as planned? Will I achieve my ultimate goals, and have great success? Almost like looking through a fogged up window, it's there but not clear. For now the answers may be unknown, but what I do know is one day I hope to leave a leagacy. Not just a legacy of talen, or extreme success; but a legacy for love and care. A legacy is when someone leaves a memory or somthing special behind that will live on forever. I hope to leave a legacy on my family, one that will show them how to achieve life without worries. Having an impact on their lives that they can live up to for as long as they live.

Walking into a bright home with dinner lined up neatly on the table, lit candles burned to the wicker, with home cooked meals steaming off the wooden table, was a normal sunday evening. Growing up with admiring family who cared and loved one another was a strong trait we had. Although we had adversity, my mother never once showed a sign of fear or struggle. My mother was a very intrepid person, self-independent, and tough. They day she passed away; was the day she left behind an important legacy, to never give up. She showed me the importance in life, and how to be a strong indenpendent person. Some nights while I would be awake in my bed while the wind whistled through my window I would lay and think. Think of the legacy I could leave my kids. My mother's legacy gives me inspiration of wanting to become the same woman for my children. I hope to build the confidence and sagacity in myself, to leave the same impression in life.

The day I get married, and have children I hope to become a great mother. Although success is important, family comes first. I wish to be a mother who can be interacting with my family, and having fun with them. Being creative, and cutting crafts, or even taking vacations where we can get away from society just to have those...
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