Legacy Admissions Essay

Topics: George W. Bush, Yale University, Harvard University Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: December 9, 2009
While Dekoven argues a very strong point against legacy admissions, he states that they are unfair and wrong. What he does not say is that every story has two sides! I both agree and disagree with legacy admissions… What does the word legacy admission mean to you? Most teens entering college will be apart of legacy admissions, whether the legacy, the admitted, or the left out! I bet you will never guess someone famous who got into an Ivy league college who was under qualified!

As a freshmen in college I just got through with the application process, what a ton of work. Although I didn’t personally apply to any ivy league or private colleges, many of my friends did. The top five in my class, all applied to Yale, Harvard, Geneseo, Geneva and other popular colleges. So even though I was not affected by legacy admissions, one of my friends were, or may have been… It makes one wonder, were you a victim or a beneficiary of legacy admissions?

One of my dear friends from high school, whose name shall remain anonymous, applied to Yale, and was not accepted. She had almost a perfect score on her SAT, and with held a high average in high school, ranging from an A- to an A+ throughout her four years of high school! Just knowing that someone like her, completely qualified, and tried her hardest to get into her dream school was still not accepted, while George Bush was accepted to Yale university. The catch was that he was a Legacy. That’s not the worst part, our former president, Mr. George W. Bush himself was accepted into Yale, and it was definitely not by merit. He scored a 566 on the verbal SAT and only held a “C” average throughout school. In your mind.. Is this fair to you?

DeKoven tells us, Penn State is another University that admitted 41% of legacies and enrolled 14% of that 41. Dekoven argued that even public universities engaged in segregation until 1954, and even then reality set in for women and colored people. They had to wait for the laws during...
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