Leg Review

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Doctor Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: May 6, 2007
"Leg" Review
"Leg", a short story written by Steven Polansky is a very interesting short story about how n accident on the baseball field can bring a father and son closer together. Through the short story the main character Dave suffers a terrible cut on his leg from sliding on gravel in baseball. He denies how bad it is and refuses to see a doctor about his severely damaged leg until his thirteen year old soon confronts him early in the morning. The boy in the story is very mean to his father until this accident.

This short story starts out with Dave playing baseball on his parish team. While his son Randy and wife are sitting in the stands, his son doesn't like his father very much he makes fun of him constantly. During a brave play Dave decides to run to third when clearly he will be out, but he slides and badly cuts his leg up making it very hard to walk, but he finished up the game severely injured. During the story Dave refuses to see a doctor reassuring himself that his leg is healing on its own with out the need of medical attention. He keeps on staying home and delaying his trip to the doctors until the doctor starts calling, then Dave starts to lie about he applies cream to his leg to prevent it from infection but it gets worse and worse. One night while Dave is sleeping on the couch his son Randy come up to him and starts crying, Randy is very scared for his father's health and wants him to see a doctor right away, thetas when Dave releases he will have to loose his leg. This short story is different from many I have read, it doesn't have a very happy ending but in a way his whole family grows closer together through Dave's leg injury. Even though Dave is unfortunate about losing his leg he got a chance to grow a lot

closer to his son through this accident. This story teaches me that family is the most important thing in anyones life.
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