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Assignment 3
Strayer University

LEG 500
Professor Bensten
November 19,2014

PharmaCare Ethical

PharmaCare is a global pharmaceutical company who is maintaining a manufacturing facility in Colberia Africa. They are using the locals to work and supply the company with the plants to make the drugs. PharmaCare also has a compound in the Colberia with all the luxuries of home for the executives. PharmaCare claim is that to help the people and the economy by offering discounted or free drugs to low-income consumers.

PharmaCare Stakeholders all are affected by their actions. There are different characteristics of stakeholder’s interest, involvement, affect, and levels. Stakeholders are also classified; I am going to break it down by internal and external for PharmaCare. The behavior of the president of a company can adversely affect the price of stock and make stockholder’s sell shares. The internal stakeholders in this case are the employees, the healers and the workers getting 1 dollar a day for harvesting and carrying plants. The CEO, board members, program managers, supervisors and the executives in PharmaCare are also internal members because they are directly involved with the company. The external customers in this case are consumers, supply companies, the employees taking care of the tennis courts, swimming pools and golf courses. The government agency’s regulating and taxing the drugs are external, along with lobbyist’s pushing bills for the company for the better or worst. The company also has the low income and people benefiting from the educational programs and scholarships external customers, anybody affected by the company who’s not in the company are external.

PharmaCare is taking advantage of the workers in Colberia Africa and being unethical. What PharmaCare is doing is working in third world countries to take advantage of the low wages in that country. Paying African workers a wages of 1 dollar a day to harvest plants for their product. PharmaCare is also destroying the land and endangered species. Killing endangered species is not illegal for U.S citizens overseas. U.S citizens can hunt endangered species and you can bring the trophy back if you have a permit U.S. Fish(May 16, 2013). The PharmaCare executives live in a luxury compound that was built and destroyed the habitat and endangered species it was on. While the majority of the Colberia population lives in under developed housing with no running water and electricity. PharmaCare to be fair and ethical to the Colberia workers they can start upgrading the surrounding villages with water and electricity. PharmaCare could also raise the daily wage for the workers and start to replenish the land they destroy. To prevent the further prevent the destruction of the habitat and its species. Paying a fair wage to the Colberia employees would help the international view of the PharmaCare taking advantage of third whole countries. Another thing for PharmaCare could do for to be fair would bring more Americans to Africa and integrate more Americans into the harvesting and production of the drug. Having more American workers could also build a stronger relationship with the natives and help to improve their economy.

Environmental Initiative

PharmaCare just started a new program We Care about YOUR world, “pledging it commitment to the environment through recycling, packaging change and other green initiatives”. The funny thing about the push on saving the environment is that they also lobbied to defeat environmental laws and regulations to protecting their product. PharmaCare could say with the lobbying and winning it’s protecting the stockholders to ensure they are making a profit. Insuring that the company makes a profit in the future is a positive in the business world; companies are in the business to make money. Starting a movement to protect the environment helps with the company’s image and...

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