Left vs Right Brain

Topics: Human brain, Psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Left brain vs. Right Brain: How does it impact learning?
Arthur Weaver
College 100
American Public University
Karen Dolnick

The brain is an incredibly complex organ with differentiated parts that work in mysterious ways. It’s also a self-organized structure that is highly connected. According to Eric Jensen, author of The New Paradigm of Teaching, “Much of the original work of Nobel Laureate Roger Spietry, who discovered the functioning differences between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, remains valid today. But the spin put on his research also remains today (Eric J. 2008).” Today research still goes on trying to achieve more knowledge about the brain. Ask yourself, how does the left and right brain impacts learning. In this paper I’ll be sharing with you the fact from research and how it impacts our learning. Research identifies the left-brain as the “academic brain,” because educators generally emphasize its processes in the traditional everyday classroom, resulting in certain groups using hemisphere specialization to explain limitations of traditional learning. Although the left brain may be more dominant for calculation, math and logical abilities, it has no biological mandate for language, but it does contain soft biases in information processing that are preferential to language skills.

The right brain is the side that is most known for it’s intuitive, holistic, and synthesizing. The right hemisphere is intuitive and responds to demonstrated instructions. It also problem solves with hunches and looks for patterns and configurations. The right brain play’s a critical role in how we deal with certain situations. It receives input associated with emotion, movement and other non-cognitive functions. It also governs intuition, imagination and perceives the big picture. Because of that, it has been elevated to the pedestal in recent years as the “creative brain.” The truth is that neither left brain nor...

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