Leerink Swann: SWOT Analysis

Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: October 21, 2013

Leerink Swann is a leading investment bank focused principally on growth companies and consolidations in the healthcare sector. Since 1995, Leerink Swann has served as a trusted advisor to corporate, institutional and high-net-worth retail clients. Leerink Swann has grown organically until August 2009 when the firm hired twenty plus bankers from Merrill Lynch and Citigroup. Leerink Swann now realizes that they need to take action in order to improve their financial stability. Leerink Swann also realizes that in general, improvement and/or expansion.

A SWOT Analysis of Leerink Swann concluded strengths include MedaCorp, strong client relations, expertise and of course its brand. Leerink Swann weaknesses include the fact that they are risk averse, lack of brand exposure to people outside of the financial world, limited services, small capital base and lastly their lack of international presence. Leerink Swann opportunities include the every lasting advancing technology, the possibility of domestic and global growth, the possibility of monetizing the company, balance sheet growth, and of course expansion of new verticals. Leerink Swann threats include their competitors, the current economic climate, static growth of the company, and the ever-fluctuating healthcare market.

The 78th Element Consultants have outlined an approach to increase Leerink Swann’s book value for the upcoming future. First, Leerink Swann must change their marketing techniques because of the rebranding we are recommending for the company, from the healthcare investment bank, to the socially responsibility investment bank. We also are recommending a lift out from Raymond James to improve the healthcare information technology division while also acquiring THINKGREEN! Global Advisors for tee expansion of the new vertical, cleaned technology.

Raymond James was founded in 1962, and became a public company in 1983. They are diversified financial services holding company with...
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