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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Assignment:
In this piece of coursework we will access the innovation potential in a particular sector; we will focus on the Tourism industry within Belfast. Aims- identify and explain a theory, idea or a topic from the innovation and entrepreneurship literature that is of relevance to the sector. What does the theory suggest or infer about the focus of your project? Make use of reports and articles. Tourism in Belfast

Tourism is becoming an ever more important part of life in Belfast. The number of visitors welcomed to the city has grown to over nine million each year. People come here to enjoy the great restaurants, nightlife, the shopping and the city's strong cultural and artistic life. 

We work with other organisations to make Belfast a rich and enjoyable experience for the visitor. We have partnerships with: * Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau
* Northern Ireland Tourist Board
* central government
* the city's trade organisations and the private sector.
Latest news and events
* Integrated Strategic Framework for Belfast Tourism 2010 - 2014 * Tourism facts and figures 2011
Supporting the city's tourism industry
We have a major role to play in the development of the tourism industry in the city and in promoting Belfast to the outside world. Our focus is on: * building cultural tourism
* developing tourism 'products'
* supporting our evening economy
* carrying out research
* monitoring tourism activity.
The Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau, set up by us and supported by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, is the lead organisation responsible for the promotion of Belfast as a leisure and conference destination. 

Tourism is important in making Belfast a successful city. Visitors not only contribute to the social and cultural life of the city but bring substantial money into the local economy.

Drucker’s 7 sources of innovation-
Amid unprecedented social, demographic, and economic changes, leaders must enhance performance and deliver desired results. The growing importance of managing the explosion in information requires attention to defining organizational missions and visions. The 37 chapters in this work are divided into 7 parts. Part 1, "On Leaders and Leadership," explores enduring principles of effective leadership strategies and traits in numerous settings. Part 2, "Leading Innovation and Transformation," provides insight into the challenging task of guiding organizational change. Part 3, "Leadership in the New Information Economy," examines the many changes that are transforming the way people work and the way wealth is generated. Part 4, "Competitive Strategy in a Global Economy," showcases effective strategic leadership in business, government, and non profit organizations worldwide. Part 5, "Leading for High Performance," explore the responsibility of organizations and leaders to achieve results, and provides suggestions for enhancing achievement. Part 6, "Building Great Teams," provides leaders with suggestions on how to better use personnel, the most important resource of organizations. Part 7, "Leadership across the Sectors," highlights innovative leadership strategies used in public and social-sector organizations to build strong families, healthy children, and cohesive communities. (Contains as 9-page index.) (TEJ) *Leader to Leader: Enduring Insights on Leadership from the Drucker Foundation's Award-Winning Journal. Hesselbein, Frances; Cohen, Paul M.; Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, New York, NY.. , 1999.

P.drucker 7 sources of systematic innovation

“In business, innovation
rarely springs from a
flash of inspiration. It
arises from a cold-eyed
analysis of seven kinds
of opportunities”

the discipline of innovation by peter f drucker Harvard business review

1. The unexpected- The unexpected success, failure or outside event. 2. The incongruity- between reality as it...
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