Lee Harvey Oswald

Topics: Lee Harvey Oswald, Marina Oswald Porter Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Lee Harvey Oswald
1. Lee Harvey Oswald did not by any means have a childhood that would be considered of the norm. He did not grow up in a home surrounded by loved ones who were always home. He did not have an abundance of friends to play with after school, but instead would sit in his house alone waiting for his mother to get home. Growing up Oswald did not have a steady father figure, did not have a steady school, and was sent to a Youth house at the age of fourteen. Putting all these factors together, one can see how Oswald had a rough childhood. Oswald was born to Robert Edward Lee Oswald, Sr. and Marguerite Frances Claverie. Oswald’s father had died before he was even born, just two months shy of Lee’s birth Robert Sr. had suffered a fatal heart attack. In January of 1944, Oswald’s mother decided to remarry to Edwin A. Ekdahl. Oswald even described Ekdahl as the “father he never had”. Oswald’s brother, John, said that Ekdahl had treated the boys as if they were his own children. Unfortunately Oswald’s mother had expected Ekdahl of infidelity and left him in the summer of 1946. According to a study conducted by University of Melbourne shows that boys are more likely to live a life of delinquency whereas girls seem to be more unaffected by the absence of a father figure. Oswald’s mother was the only supporter of the family and would often have to make sure she had a job to support her family. This put a strain on Oswald’s adjustment to a school considering he had enrolled in six different schools by the time he was ten. This made it difficult for Oswald to establish and maintain friendships with peers within schools. The absence of friends makes it hard for a child to develop social skills as well as emotional growth, and moral development. Due to Oswald’s lack of showing up to school that court hearings took place and eventually sent him to Youth House for psychiatric evaluation. He was put in a facility with other young boys who had murdered, Oswald...
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