Lecture # 1

Topics: Indigenous peoples of the Americas, South America, Mexico Pages: 3 (606 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Us history since 1877

1. First Americans "Indians"

A. Native Americans - no such thing of native Americans they all migrated here from somewhere

B. Begins with Bering straight theory -how people got here separates Russia from North America between 40k years ago there were ice ages. (Great Lakes in u.s. are from glaciers) America and Asia's were connected Asians were the first Americans

a. Beringea -

C. They are called Indians because Columbus thought it was India...but they do look Asian
D. Dispersion -

a. mezo America & South America good soil good food. Warmer temperatures b. Great civilizations

1. Mejica/ Aztecs (meschica) "Aztecs" means enemy. That's what others called the Mejica who were captured or conquered ....they conquered more people than there was native Aztecs they ended up in minority. Have to

wonder until they saw the eagle on a cactus with a snake in its mouth which was the sign from the Gods. Like the Romans of the new world.

A. Capital city of the Aztec empire was " Tenochtitlan" or a floating city, out

grew their island. The most populated, Mexico City is the most populated city. As is today. The cleanest city the European have seen. Sacrificed People at the top of the pyramids. "Blood greases the wheel of the universe"

2. South in Guatemala, the Mayan people. The Greeks of the new world. The Aztecs has moved south. The Mayans are good at math, and one of the

two people's that make a sign for zero. They used the stars for astrology.

Calendars. Mayans did trigonometry have a system based on place value. Their calendar is more accurate than ours.

3. Incas in the Andes mountains South American part of the Rockies. Empire traveling over mountains. Would use people they have captured to make roads in to the sides of the cliffs.

A. Inca language "Quechua" symbolic language with was the " quipu"

B. Spanish marry in to these type of civilizations. They can bring them into...
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